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Wide choice of styles for jewellery lovers

Secret Halo was founded by fashion-loving, Lizzie in 2015. Her mission was to make the excitement of discovering gorgeous new jewellery accessible to everyone, from the comfort of their sofa. Over time, the online boutique has grown to include many wonderful jewellery brands together with a selection of gorgeous gifts and now even offers personalised pieces. 2019 saw the launch of Secret Halo's stunning sterling silver jewellery collection, 'SH STAR'. For Christmas '19 Lizzie has introduced her very own brand, 'Missy Lizzy' which is the ideal go-to for all fashionistas seeking out the latest, on-trend accessories and jewellery.

In the last couple of years Secret Halo has received attention from Glamour, British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar UK, Cosmopolitan and many more publications, whilst becoming one of the few chosen businesses to profile by GoDaddy; the world's largest domain registrar - currently with over 73 million domain names under their management. Most recently, Secret Halo was a finalist in the British Small Business Awards 2016. See us in the Press here.

From classic pieces for contemporary outfits to contemporary pieces for classic outfits, we have the perfect piece for you! Bringing you the most exciting and newest collections from top designers, the best bits from the best brands and fresh talent from independent jewellery crafters from around the world. We all know jewellery makes for a great gift and you can never have too much of it. So why not discover our secrets you’ll want to share…

"After over a decade studying and working in fashion offices from luxury brands to supermarket value, I lived and breathed the retail industry and yet I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to buy gifts for all my friends. After all, everybody’s different and my friends really do have very different styles. Think Sex and the City meets the Spice Girls! Fed up of traipsing from one end of town to the other in the rain, squished on the tube, just to find what I was looking for, I decided to do something about it. So in 2015 I ditched the office and Secret Halo was born." 
Lizzie, Founder


We pride ourselves on our choice and customer service here at Secret Halo, and believe everyone deserves the same fantastic service whether you're buying a necklace at £9.99 or one for £99. 

All the brands, all the trends, all the fun, and always something new to see.
Whomever you want to be, discover YOU at Secret Halo!

Here’s Lizzie… many years ago… accessorising with a Halo… of course! 

Secret Halo Founder
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