Sphere Chakra Bracelet


Inspired by the deep connections of the chakra sacred symbols; believed to be the meeting points of the body's energy channels that can affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. These colourful bracelets make a wonderful meaningful gift.
The different semi-precious stones each represent a certain chakra area on the body.
Chakra name; Colour; Area on body; Crystal
Crown; White/violet; Top of head; Clear quartz
Third eye; Indigo; Between eyebrows; Amethyst
Throat; Blue; Centre base of neck; Sodalite
Heart; Green/pink; centre base of chest; Green quartz
Solar plexus; Yellow; Above navel; Citrine
Sacral; Orange; Under navel; Amber
Root; Red; Base of spine; Hematite
  • Contains 7 types of semi-precious stones; used to balance the mind & soul
  • Smooth gemstone spheres so feel lovely on the skin 
  • Each sphere approx 8mm
  • Approx 19cm, elasticated for easy-wear
  • Arrives wrapped in tissue paper for protection
  • Matching necklaces, earrings & crystal gems jewellery also available