Henna Kit


Perfect for the summertime and especially for festivals; each henna kit comes in its own fabric pouch. A summer must have! Makes an awesome gift too!
Kit includes:
Henna Powder (100 grams)
Henna Oil
Stencil (3 assorted)
Applicator Cone
Design & Instruction Guide
  • Lasts approx 1/2 weeks depending on factors explained in Guide sheet
  • Arrives in fabric zip pouch
  • Bag approx 16 x 12 cm
  • Other adornment ideas also available at Secret Halo

This item is original traditional style henna colour, there is no dye added to make it a certain colour. The colour can vary depending on the skin tone, but it tends to look a brownie sort of shade, but as this fades over time it can turn more of a yellow colour.

Although this is a UK certified product we take no responsibility for any reactions it may cause as all skin is different.